Welcome to Jouzu Consulting LTD

Whether you’re a startup, established for many years, a small business or multi-national corporation, we can assist. Registered as partners with providers such as Microsoft, Lenovo, Quest and Sophos, we can assist with all aspects of your environment.

The services we offer are wide and varied. You can find a more complete list using the menu.

Corporate User Identities

Here at Jouzu Consulting LTD we are passionate about the corporate identity space. With expertise in Active Directory and Azure Active Directory we are on the forefront of modern identity services. We pride ourselves on automating ourselves out of a job. We find this provides a first class end user experience (accounts all provisioned ready to go), reduces chances of errors (when using a HR system such as Workday as a source of truth) and it reduces the workload of an internal support desk drastically.

What is Jouzu?

Jouzu (上手) is an adjective in the Japanese Language. The word Jouzu translates to Skillful in English. As an active Judoka and a fan of Japan and its culture, when setting up the company I wanted a name with somthing Japanese in it. Jouzu was the chosen word.